La Jade Jewellery Academy

Jewellery Making & Silversmithing Courses

One Day Courses

Our fun filled one day courses are a baisc introduction and overview into the jewellery making subject areas, and allow students to make a piece or pieces of jewellery.  

Taster Day Courses

Our taster days allow students to make a unique piece of handmade jewellery within the chosen subject area.  They also give you an insight into what will be covered within the subject area, should you then wish to sign up for a longer more in depth course.

Weekly Courses

Our weekly courses allow students to learn skills within several different jewellery making or silversmithing subject areas.  Each week students will build upon the skills they have already learnt, along with developing and learning new skills.

Weekend Course

Our weekend courses have been designed for people who may not be able to attend  a week day or evening course.  These courses are varied throughout the year, allowing forall the subjects we teach to be covered over the weekends.

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